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When we work together, we share insights that trigger big ideas, that lead to real world change. We challenge, pull apart and reimagine health in ways we never could if we continued to work independently.


On average, it takes 17 years to translate research into care. Imagine how many lives we could change if that process was shorter? We’re putting everything into speeding up this process, so that more patients receive life-changing treatments and cures when they need them.


Research is critical to driving better health outcomes. But, a lack of funding, resources or interest means that many studies never see the light of day. We’re powering research with the tools, funding and resources to get more vital discoveries over the line and into care.


Great breakthroughs have the potential to save lives. Each study we support must meet three key criteria: Will it matter to patients? Will it improve lives? Is it good value for money?

Strategic platforms

Imagine a health system with the best facilities, staff and treatments in the world, offered at a fraction of the cost to the community. A system so good we could identify risk and intervene early to prevent illness. We could better treat and cure disease to improve prognosis, while advancing medical science in highly relevant areas.

We could do all this while staying connected to the needs of an engaged local community.

Our strategic platforms have been set up to do just that. They will work with our clinical academic groups to translate research into better healthcare delivery.

Innovation Pathways

Innovation is how we get from standard to world-leading. We’re giving our partner organisations the time, space and support to ideate, co-develop and implement ideas into new products, technologies and models of care in Australia.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials offer patients access to new breakthrough treatments and a chance at a better life – one that wasn’t possible before. We’re supporting our clinicians and academics to co-design and conduct world-class clinical trials and to make these trials more available to more participants in our communities.

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Supporting Better Value Care

We’re setting a foundation in healthcare that will focus on ensuring two things: that we bring higher quality treatments and care to the individual; and better value to our healthcare system and the community.

Health Informatics

We’re working to transform how we share, secure and use medical information, all directed towards improving the quality and safety of healthcare. We’re reducing low value care and medical errors and ensuring health information is accessible and able to be used for systems improvement.

Knowledge Translation

Knowledge translation is so much more than just sharing research information and findings. It’s about valuing different types of knowledge - experiential, pragmatic, or cultural – and exploring new ways to share and rollout that knowledge in meaningful ways. It’s using it to change behaviour or inform policy.

Through this platform, we will make evidence-based practice a way of life. We will use it to bring the greatest social, economic, technological and health benefits to the country.

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Implementation Science

How do we ensure important research is put into practice quickly and effectively? We need to look at how practitioners work and what they need, to make it easy for them to adopt new practices.

We need to look at ways we can adapt and scale new information so that more practitioners can access it in whichever way best works for them. The easier the implementation, the better the practice, and the greater the health of all Australians.

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Clinical Research Workforce Development

We’re investing in our doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals – for today and the future. We’re building a workforce that’s equipped to work across disciplines and across the traditional boundaries of clinical care, research and education. Staff who can treat patients, undertake research and educate the next generation. This is the future of healthcare.