Strengthening Care for Children – rural (SC4RC)

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The SC4C model has been adapted for evaluation at scale in a rural setting, to address the increased risks of poor health and reduced access to specialist paediatric care in rural communities. A team of Child UnLTD investigators was awarded a $3M grant to rigorously evaluate the Strengthening Care for Rural Children Clinician Researcher Programme (SC4RC) in the Murrumbidgee and Western Victoria PHNs. In addition, this translational research project will act as a primary care health systems research training platform where clinician researchers, through funded PhD programmes, will be embedded into and trained in health systems research methods, policy and practice.
Our linkages with the Royal Australian Colleges of GPs (RACGP) and Physicians (RACP), PHNs, LHDs, as well as the Departments of Health in NSW and Victoria promote SC4RC being normalised into routine primary care practice if this trial shows it is effective. The final deliverable of the programme is a national rural consumer group that will inform consumer led research into the future.