First 2000 Days Care Connect – A holistic first 2000 days model of care for migrant and refugee populations

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First 2000 Days Care Connect – A holistic first 2000 days model of care for migrant and refugee populations

A Translational Research Grant Scheme in partnership with SESLHD, SWSLHD, NSLHD to evaluate a co-located place-based hub model of care using a quasi-experimental trial design including detailed economic and implementation evaluation.  This project is being rolled out across SESLHD, SWSLHD and NSLHD. The recruitment of intervention group, 6-month follow-up survey and integrated hub intervention are all in progress. The evaluation will assess effectiveness in increasing the number of children attending Child and Family Health checks in the first 12-months of life of the child.

Project team: Tania Rimes, Catherine Jones, Valsamma Eapen, Victoria Blight, Susan Woolfenden, Helen Rogers, Raghu Lingam, Melissa Green, John Eastwood, Karen Sorensen, Amanda Webster, Kim Lyle, Amanda Henry, Michael Hodgins,

Improving the identification of developmental vulnerability, postnatal depression, and support for breastfeeding and other psychosocial needs are being compared to routine care; and health system savings and cost effectiveness of the Hub model. The factors that help or hinder implementation of the Hub model (Miller hub with Mission Australia and SWSLHD) to inform future adaptability and scalability of the new model of care. Currently, a multidisciplinary team meeting is being held every month at the respective Hubs gathering service providers to discuss about particular cases and/or pressing updates about their services. The purpose of this meeting is to provide families that have been referred to the Hub with the right services for their relevant needs. In SWSLHD, out of the 120 women who have been recruited into the study, approximately 50% completed the 6-month follow-up surveys. The women are currently being followed-up for their 12-month surveys. For the other sites, follow-up data are being collected. Interviews are currently underway with the women engaged at the Hubs, as part of the overall implementation evaluation.

See publications of pilot data: 

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