The Australian Child and Youth Wellbeing Atlas

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The Australian Child and Youth Wellbeing Atlas is a freely available new data asset that maps data on children and young people in communities across Australia.

It enables visualisation, analysis, and monitoring of their health and wellbeing metrics, empowering researchers, community groups, state and Commonwealth organisations, as well as the not-for-profit sector. Its primary function is to facilitate the identification of priorities related to child and youth wellbeing effectively and economically. For instance, it enables stakeholders to pinpoint specific needs within a community, such as the elevated rates of hospitalisation for preventable illnesses in children, the insufficient availability of childcare facilities, or the prevalence of educational vulnerability and diminished academic outcomes.

By leveraging the Atlas, community groups and organisations can gain valuable insights into pressing issues affecting children and young people in their community. This information goes beyond mere identification; it provides a foundation for strategic decision-making and targeted interventions aimed at addressing the identified challenges.

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