28 Oct 2022

Spotlight on CCI/KT Platform

One of the central goals of the CCI/KT platform is to advance knowledge translation within and beyond Maridulu Budyari Gumal SPHERE by promoting consumer and community involvement.   

KT encompasses engagement, rather than purely one-way communication, between researchers and a range of knowledge makers and users, including (but not limited to): policymakers, health service managers, practitioners, educators, consumers of health services, carers, and the public. By determining the needs and preferences of potential knowledge makers and users, it is possible to develop effective and efficient ways to research, learn, and improve healthcare.

Co-led by Professor Katherine Boydell, Associate Professor Ann Dadich, and Ainslie Cahill, the platform is working on projects that link researchers, clinicians, health service users and their families together to co-produce engaging works that highlight the pockets of brilliance across the CAGs – these include research projects, collaborative initiatives, and creative ways of working. In addition to a SPHERE-in-the-Know website, a podcast series hosted by award-winning journalist Sophie Scott, projects that bring the artists-in-residence together with CAG/KT ambassadors and health service users, and installations profiling the work of SPHERE, the platform is embarking on a new and exciting series of workshops in 2023.

Creative Methods for Collaboration, Design-thinking, and Exploring Wicked Problems

The Strategic Platform team is developing a series of workshops that will be offered to CAGs and project teams. These workshops will use a set of creative and arts-based activities to support participants to work, create, and research together. For example, creative activities will be offered to foster:

Team building and compassionate listening
The development of a shared sense of a problem,  issue, or research topic
The collaborative analysis of data
The conceptualisation or design of KT outputs, including journal publications, conference presentations, artworks, and resource kits
The development of creative skills
Learn creative skills and approaches to use during research or other processes

A variety of arts/creative approaches will utilised including stitching, collage, body or community mapping, photo-voice, found poetry, and story boarding, among others. The CCI/KT Platform team will work with collaborating CAGs to develop a bespoke workshop program to address a CAG’s chosen aims and goals.

To learn more about, and/or be part of this opportunity, contact one of the following team members:

Professor Katherine Boydell: [email protected]
Associate Professor Ann Dadich: [email protected]
Ainslie Cahill: [email protected]


For news and media, please contact

[email protected]