12 Aug 2022

Interim Executive Director announced: Professor Chris White

I am delighted to announce that Professor Chris White, has been appointed as the Interim Executive Director, Maridulu Budyari Gumal - Sydney Partnership for Health Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE).

Chris is well known across the SPHERE partnership, not just in his roles as the SESLHD Director of Research, Medical Co-Director of the ESCM program of medicine at the Prince of Wales Hospital and a Conjoint Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW, but also through his active engagement in SPHERE's many strategic initiatives.

Chris is a graduate of Sydney University and UNSW, researching the role of vitamin D in bone mineral metabolism as well as newer links between the skeleton and the control of carbohydrate metabolism. He has led a team who developed software that uses advanced technologies for clinical decision making, natural language processing and a distributed data platform for widespread use and safe and secure access to the asset locked within the medical health record. He has strong links across the Randwick precinct including Mental Health, Sydney Children’s Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women and supports numerous research activities investigating risk of readmission, inpatient and community based diabetes management, gestational diabetes and survivors of childhood cancer.

Chris continues to practise as a physician and endocrinologist using knowledge-based systems for reporting and integrating Bone Mineral Density and osteoporosis fracture identification in clinical practice and continues to pursue opportunities that will enhance the management of osteoporosis in primary care. Chris is well-placed to lead SPHERE during this interim period and to ensure that we remain on a sound footing for ongoing growth and development. 

Please join me in wishing Chris every success as Interim Executive Director.

Ms Amanda Larkin

Chair, Maridulu Budyari Gumal – SPHERE


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