10 Oct 2023

Implementation Science Collaborative launched

Empowering clinicians and researchers with implementation science tools to help embed evidence into practice is the aim of SPHERE's newly launched Implementation Science Collaborative.

The SPHERE Implementation Science Collaborative (formerly SPHERE Implementation Science Leaders Panel), is part of SPHERE's Implementation Science Platform. This is a dynamic initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among implementation scientists, clinicians, and leaders. This collaborative implementation scientist expert group, led by A/Prof Natalie Taylor, is dedicated to supporting SPHERE members, including clinicians, researchers, clinician-researchers, and more.

“As healthcare systems continue to work under increasingly dynamic and resource-constrained conditions, evidence-based approaches to implementation are essential to ensure that research investments maximise healthcare value and improve public health," explains A/Prof Taylor.

"Operating in dynamic and resource-challenged settings, we're thrilled to launch this initiative, connecting implementation scientists with diverse backgrounds and a range of clinical and academic expertise with the many members of SPHERE. Our aim is clear: empower clinicians and researchers with the tools of implementation science, fostering successful partnerships and working together to embed evidence into clinical practice.”

The launch was attended by a diverse group including SPHERE's Clinical Academic Group (CAG) leaders, clinicians, researchers and consumers who listened to talks from Professor Sandy Middleton (Director, Implementation Science Platform), Dr Tim Luckett and A/Prof Taylor. 

“This initiative is the next step in our SPHERE Implementation Science Platform journey and aims to play an importance role in bridging the gap between research and practice. This launch is just the beginning, we look forward to hearing about the multidisciplinary collaborations this initiative sparks between researchers and clinicians across SPHERE in the future," said Prof. Middleton.


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