Waterloo housing estate redevelopment: Assessment of residents’ health needs and circumstances

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This pilot project develops and trials quantitative and qualitative methods for a long-term, quasi-experimental, longitudinal health study for the proposed redevelopment of the Waterloo public housing estate. The study will not only measure residents’ psychological and physical health throughout the redevelopment process, but also respond to any negative impacts – through (a) referral of residents to appropriate services, and (b) informing health and human services policy, planning and delivery for the affected community. 

The study provides new insights into the health/well-being impacts on public housing residents exposed to large-scale, long-term redevelopment and change in tenure mix – with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and older adult residents, whom have been identified as potentially more at risk. It will inform best-practice health policy and practice more broadly – in planning/designing health service provision and interventions for Waterloo and other public housing communities undergoing redevelopment. Finally, the findings will inform the planning and design of future public housing redevelopments in NSW and elsewhere, leading to improvements to environmental determinants of health.

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