NSW built environment practitioners’ perspectives on place-making opportunities that deliver health and wellbeing outcomes

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The built environment can positively impact the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.  Where you live shapes how easy it is to buy healthy food, use active transport, and make social connections. Our research provides critical insights into the track record of a broad range of built environment practitioners delivering healthy place making across NSW.  This joined-up approach allows us to pool knowledge for the very first time, delving into the barriers to delivery but also the wealth of experience and opportunities that exist at the localised scale. Leveraging and sharing this untapped knowledge helps us to develop a sustainable capacity-building platform that benefits policy and practice for all. Our aim is to foster on-going collaboration and commitment among practitioners, policymakers, and academics in ways to create long-lasting sustainable communities that put healthy place-making at the forefront – locally, nationally and transnationally for the wider benefit of planetary health. 

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