Carbon accounting in healthcare: The path to improving patient health, saving money and saving carbon

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The health sector has a large carbon footprint and, as the world shifts towards zero-carbon economies, health services and activities will be required to decarbonise. A range of initiatives will need to be undertaken: sustainable hospital and precinct design, green infrastructure, reducing the carbon costs of healthcare activities and services, and developing low-carbon models of care. Internationally, research in carbon accounting in healthcare is rapidly progressing. In this project, we are seeking to investigate carbon footprinting in several areas: pathology, telehealth and potentially radiology – which we see as ‘building blocks’ for this area of research in Australia. 

In the future, carbon will be as important as money. In healthcare, we will not only have to measure health outcomes and financial costs, but also the carbon costs of all our activities and services. Carbon accounting is a rapidly emerging area of research in healthcare, internationally. In this project, we aim to measure the carbon costs of several key areas in healthcare in Australia, which will provide a useful platform for longer term research in this area.