01 Jul 2024

Groundbreaking cancer care innovations highlighted in latest In-SPHERE issue

tumor microenvironment concept with cancer cells, t cells, nanoparticles, cancer associated fibroblast layer of tumor microenvironment normal cells, molecules, and blood vessels

The latest edition of In-SPHERE brings to light groundbreaking advancements in cancer care, focusing on the transformative work being done at the Prince of Wales Hospital Precision Care Clinic. This special feature examines the clinic from four unique perspectives: implementation scientist Natalie Taylor, a geneticist, an oncologist, and a patient.

One of the highlights of this article is Rosemary Stevens, a patient whose life has been dramatically changed by precision medicine. The feature also delves into the rapid applied research translation of ‘omics’ into practice, providing safer, more equitable, and evidence-informed outcomes.

We also look at data's transformative role in cancer care with Georgina Kennedy’s work on CaVa. This work is crucial in achieving more informed and equitable healthcare outcomes.

Additionally, research addressing bullying directed towards childhood cancer survivors highlights the broader societal challenges these individuals face.

A significant spotlight is on Dmitrii Shek, SPHERE's Cancer PhD top-up scholarship recipient. Shek’s groundbreaking work in immunotherapy delivery holds the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment.

“In this edition of In-SPHERE, Dmitrii Shek describes his motivations for his personal crusade to make cancer curable,” SPHERE Executive Director, Chris White, explains, emphasising the personal reason behind Shek’s innovative research.

This edition also explores Integrated Diabetes Care, harnessing AI to improve care for older people, and the innovative use of body mapping in research.

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