SPHERE was founded on the basis of partnership and collaboration, recognising that in this new economic and rapidly developing scientific research and healthcare environment single institutions struggle to remain internationally competitive. Only through recognising the strengths of others and collaborating to combine the very best academic, clinical and industry expertise can we achieve our full potential and have maximum impact on the challenges facing the health economy.


To establish a top 25 world-class Academic Health Science Partnership (AHSP) across Sydney and NSW that integrates diverse health disciplines and professions to address unmet local, national and international health priorities and needs through collaboration, innovation and partnership.


  • Integrate outstanding research
  • Initiate top quality education and professional practices across partner organisations to improve health outcomes
  • Deliver better healthcare
  • Generate economic benefits
  • Be a magnet for recruitment and retention of staff and investment in health and research¬†


  • Strong alignment between partners that result in improved care and health outcomes for local populations.
  • Enhanced education and learning experiences in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings
  • Strong relationships with industry and local communities to improve health and generate wealth
  • Research discovery and rapid translation of those discoveries and innovations to patient and population benefit.



Working together to promote good health and wellbeing