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We’re breaking down the professional, organisational and geographic boundaries that divide us. We’re doing this to forge new, collaborative ways of working. This is how we will better serve our communities and significantly improve their health.


We’re empowering health professionals to become world-leaders in healthcare. At the same time, we’re training and inspiring the next generation of service providers and experts to do the same.


Research is the key to unravelling medical mysteries. We support likeminded future-makers, who can see better ways to deliver innovative discoveries. Discoveries that will have a profound impact on the health of our communities.


We’re listening to and learning from industries outside health. We’re connecting with these industries to innovate and ideas-make. To see what new opportunities, jobs, technologies and models of care we can create together. 

Our Community

Our duty is to protect and improve the lives of our patients and communities. We work across borders to represent the voice of every person in the Sydney basin. We work to empower those most vulnerable to poor health outcomes.

Local impact.
Global insight.

Our footprint stretches from the Cumberland Plains to Bowral, across Coogee, Darlinghurst and through St George to the CBD. We serve one of the fastest growing and diverse populations in Australia. Included are people from 140 different nationalities, some of which are the most disadvantaged in the country.

All our work starts here. We look at what’s happening within our local population, and tailor solutions to specific cultural, social and environmental health issues. What we learn here will be translated to much broader audiences. But, it’s important we get it right here first.

We believe that if we can positively impact the community around us, we can impact the world. We can create a health system that’s designed to a local population and translated to the global population.