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SPHERE’s Implementation Science Leaders Panel (IS-LP) launched

What is the SPHERE Implementation Science Leaders Panel (SPHERE IS-LP) about?

The SPHERE IS-LP is an initiative that aims to support clinicians and researchers in gaining knowledge in implementation science research methods and developing skills to incorporate implementation science approaches into their research and practice.

Who is undertaking this work?

This initiative is being led by A/Professor Natalie Taylor as part of her role as Deputy Director of SPHERE's Implementation Science Strategic platform.

What will the SPHERE IS-LP do?

The SPHERE IS-LP will provide technical guidance and support on Implementation Science projects. This group will be a panel of both established and emerging leaders in Implementation Science conversant with the expertise and proficiency to promote implementation science research.

Capacity building will be the foundation of this group to develop and strengthen skills and abilities of researchers to create methodologically sound and appropriately resourced implementation science related projects.

SPHERE IS-LP members will consult and engage with researchers, clinicians, health service managers, and consumer/patient groups to build awareness of and facilitate interaction with the SPHERE Implementation Science Strategic Platform and its initiatives.

What’s next for the SPHERE IS-LP and the health and research community?

The SPHERE IS-LP had their first meeting at the beginning of the year and is currently mapping out their 2023 work plan to further embed implementation science approaches into practice and raise awareness in the health and research community.

Watch this space implementation science is coming your way!

A national effort to strengthen consumer and community involvement

SPHERE is co-leading a national collaborative effort with AHRA members to accelerate the implementation of best practice Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) in Australia.

Learning, sharing and weaving

Understanding Aboriginal perspectives and cultural knowledge was the subject of this outstanding Applied Indigenous Research Methods workshop.

2023 Seed Funding Grant recipients announced

We are excited to announce the recipients of the 2023 SPHERE Seed Funding Grants.