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SPHERE Nursing and Midwifery Researchers Awarded Prestigious Grant to Shape Future of Healthcare

In a significant stride towards advancing nursing and midwifery research, SPHERE’s Nursing and Midwifery Implementation Science Academy has been granted a highly competitive award under The Australian Academy of Science's Theo Murphy Initiative. The grant aims to empower the next generation of researchers in these vital fields.

Led by early-career researchers Dr. Nicola Straiton, Dr. Helen Goldsmith, and Dr. Elizabeth Brogan, along with support from esteemed professors Caleb Ferguson and Sandy Middleton, the initiative seeks to foster collaborative research projects led by nurses and midwives. Their vision is to accelerate the translation of research evidence into clinical practice, recognising the pivotal role these professionals play in healthcare delivery.

The $46,000 grant will be utilised to develop and deliver a Symposium and Roadmap focused on 'Charting the Future of Healthcare: Making Research Core Business of Early to Mid-Career Nursing and Midwifery Researchers'. (read more)

This initiative aims to streamline the process of integrating evidence-based practices into clinical settings, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes while reducing costs.

“We are thrilled to receive this funding,” expressed Dr. Nicola Straiton. “It can routinely take up to 15 years to get evidence into clinical practice, but by recognising and supporting our early to mid-career nursing and midwifery researchers, we can expedite this timeline to improve patient outcomes, enhance care delivery and reduce costs.

The upcoming Symposium and Roadmap, slated for 2024, will serve as a platform to unite and empower nursing and midwifery researchers and organizational leaders. Through collaboration and innovation, the event seeks to harness the potential of these professionals to drive impactful research and shape the future of healthcare delivery.

This initiative underscores the commitment of SPHERE and its partners to promote excellence in nursing and midwifery research, highlighting the critical role these disciplines play in advancing healthcare practices. Further details about the Symposium and Roadmap will be announced soon, promising a transformative event for the nursing and midwifery communities.

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SPHERE Nursing and Midwifery Researchers Awarded Prestigious Grant to Shape Future of Healthcare

SPHERE Nursing and Midwifery Implementation Science Academy researchers awarded a highly competitive grant as part of the Theo Murphy Initiative by The Australian Academy of Science.