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When you support Maridulu Budyari Gumal, you don’t just support one good cause. You support them all. You make scientific breakthroughs possible for those who need them most.

Why support Maridulu Budyari Gumal

While there have been incredible advances in healthcare, the greatest health challenges of this century are yet to be solved. This requires a monumental shift in the way we approach healthcare. We are that shift.

We’re building the largest community of innovators, future-makers and visionaries. Scientists, doctors and professors who can see a better future. They work tirelessly to cure the incurable, wipe out disease, unlock the code to complex genetic conditions and shape the health of diverse communities.

This is where you can have the greatest impact.

As a supporter, you can power large scale research projects that make world-changing discoveries like these possible. You can impact the lives of entire populations, and inspire healthcare innovations that have a global impact.

You can create the healthcare of tomorrow.

Instead of working in silos, let’s band together. Let’s translate discoveries into practice today.

Why partner with us

As academic, health or science professionals, we often work on the same challenges. We just do so alone. But this is stalling our progress as individuals and as an industry. It’s also stalling us as a nation that has the potential to advance healthcare beyond anything the world’s ever seen.

Maridulu Budyari Gumal invites you to challenge this old way of working. Instead, let’s connect our independent worlds. Let’s create new relationships that harness our collective power, so that we can take on bigger, more innovative projects than ever before.

Let’s push the realms of what’s possible, and deliver unparalleled health outcomes for our patients and communities. Let’s make the most significant breakthroughs of our generation, and translate them into world-class healthcare - for our patients and communities.

Our work is about connecting with the communities we serve. With your help, we can deliver healthcare that sees every community thrive.

Why collaborate with us

Traditional healthcare takes a one-size-fits-all approach to treating people. The needs of a culturally diverse population are not always understood or taken into consideration.

You can help us change that. 

Together, we can bring previously excluded communities into the healthcare conversation. We can involve them in our largest and most targeted research studies, so that we can listen to and better understand their needs. And in doing so, provide personalized, patient-centred care.

As a community leader, you can help us communicate new research and treatments available to local populations. This will allow each person to make better choices about their health and wellbeing. It will ensure each community thrives.

Together, we can empower local communities to take charge of their health and wellbeing.  

Let’s work in partnership to overcome the barriers to high quality healthcare. Let’s start a global discussion that will bring value to NSW and Australia.

Why get involved

The burden of disease puts pressure on our health system, costing the Australian economy billions of dollars each year. We can do better as a nation. But this requires a dramatic change in policy.

This puts us in a unique position. We can work together to overcome the barriers to delivering a world-class health system.

As a community of leading authorities in health, research and education, we have the science, data and expertise to inform policy. As a key influencer, you have the authority to action such policy. Together, we can amplify our sphere of influence to push Australian healthcare to global standards.

We can fuel groundbreaking research and lead medical innovation. Prevent disease and alleviate burden. Close the gap and drive new technologies. Inspire the workforce of the future and create economic prosperity. We can create healthcare that’s second-to-none.

We connect all kinds of people from all kinds of industries. Together, we advance new technologies, discoveries and models of care.


In the past, healthcare has been slow at bringing innovative products to the market. Outdated technology and slow processes have kept us from using advanced tools to monitor, prevent, diagnose, treat and cure disease.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technological innovation, there’s never been a better time for healthcare and industry to come together.

As a tech or innovations company, you can help us bring important discoveries, medical innovations and technology to the market for the first time.

Together, we can turn fledgling ideas into inventive products. We can translate research concepts into pioneering healthcare solutions. We can extend lives, change lives and save lives.

Together, we can lead a technological revolution in healthcare.

Collaborating across disciplines is the fastest way to turn discoveries into cures. We’re open to your ideas for Clinical Academic Groups that will make this happen.

For researchers, clinicians and educators

When we work independently, we are limited to what we can achieve. A lack of resources, facilities and funding can mean our scientific breakthroughs never see the light of day.

When you join a Clinical Academic Group (CAG), you overcome these restrictions. You can draw on the strength of many to reimagine health in novel ways. You can look at shared challenges from different perspectives and explore issues through bigger budgets, resources and capability.

Clinical Academic Groups make game-changing discoveries possible. When you collaborate across disciplines, you find new ways to translate research into care at the speed of need. You bridge the gap between community and research, science and care. And move closer to achieving impossible breakthroughs in healthcare. 

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We encourage you to share your opinions, and work with us to make healthcare better.

For patients

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. You are the reason we invest in scientific discovery and why we are committed to delivering the best healthcare experience for every person in Australia.

We can’t move forward without you.

Your involvement in clinical trials will help us understand your needs and experiences. Your input is central to ensuring we develop care, treatments and services that better suit the many and varied needs of our patients.

Your story will inspire the healthcare future we are creating.

Let’s use art to communicate complex scientific data. To break down barriers and connect communities.

Where art meets science

Scientific discovery moves healthcare forward. But it uses language and concepts that are difficult for the general population to grasp.

Art provides a bridge across that barrier.

Our Artist in Residence Program provides an opportunity to challenge your artistic ability. Working alongside scientists, clinicians, professors and the community, you’ll capture unfamiliar concepts and express them in meaningful ways.

You’ll create insightful works that resonate with the community, inspire scientists and reflect the medical world.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore, experiment and transform healthcare as we know it.