Clinical Academic Groups

The aim of the Partnership is to integrate outstanding research, top quality education and professional practices across partner organisations to improve health outcomes, deliver better healthcare, generate economic benefits, and be a magnet for recruitment and retention of staff and investment in health and research. The Partnership has four key objectives:

  1. Strong alignment between partners that result in improved care and health outcomes for local populations.
  2. Enhanced educational and learning experiences in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings.
  3. Research discovery and rapid translation of those discoveries and innovations to patient and population benefit.
  4. Strong relationships with industry and local communities to improve health and generate wealth.

In order to achieve these aims twelve Clinical Academic Streams have been accredited after a rigorous process. These CAS bring together clinicians, academics and administrative staff from across organisational, disciplinary and geographic boundaries, and in turn support linkages across researchers, sectors, and geographic boundaries.

Twelve Clinical Academic Streams were accredited. They are:

  1. Triple I Partnership
  2. Respiratory, Sleep, Environmental & Occupational Health Research
  3. Stemming the Tide: Better Health Outcomes in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disease
  4. Reducing the impact of chronic disease in children
  5. Mindgardens
  6. Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
  7. One Genome: Translating Genomic Medicine to Clinical Care
  8. Sydney Translational Research and Education Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (STREAM Health)
  9. Age and Aging
  10. Cancer Clinical Academic Stream
  11. Maternal, Newborn and Women’s Health
  12. Early Life Determinants of Health (ELDoH): Invest Early to make a difference

In addition there were five Enabling Streams which can add value across all the Clinical Academic Streams.


Working together to promote good health and wellbeing