Our Journey

Productive collaborations across our partnership have existed for many years and SPHERE is an extension and validation of these collaborations. SPHERE Partners have a distinguished track record of impacting on healthcare delivery.


The SPHERE Council is a strong governance structure which brings together Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chairs, Deans and Vice Chancellors from partner organisations. SPHERE partners work together to recruit and retain the very best clinicians and academics, drive top quality research and education, foster excellence in clinical leadership and multi-disciplinary patient-centred care, improve health outcomes and work closely with industry to generate economic prosperity. This initiative will deliver major benefits for the care of people and the wellbeing and prosperity of our populations.


SPHERE partners have invested 0.05% of their annual turnover for five years (close to $30 million dollars available over the five years) to promote SPHERE’S mission by accrediting Clinical Academic Streams (CAS) supported by a culture of collaborative research and innovation.

To date, twelve Clinical Academic Streams have been accredited. They combine the best of clinical, educational and research elements to ensure seamless collaboration. In addition, five Enabling Health related streams (Biomedical, IT, Climate Change, Architecture and Design) have also been formed. They work and add value  across all the streams.

The CAS bring together clinicians, academics and administrative staff from across organisational, disciplinary and geographic boundaries, and in turn support cross linkages.

The accredited Clinical Academic Streams are:

  • Triple I Partnership
  • Respiratory, Sleep, Environmental & Occupational Health Research
  • Stemming the Tide: Better Health Outcomes in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disease
  • Reducing the impact of chronic disease in children
  • Mindgardens
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
  • One Genome: Translating Genomic Medicine to Clinical Care
  • Sydney Translational Research and Education Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (STREAM Health)
  • Age and Aging
  • Cancer Clinical Academic Stream
  • Maternal, Newborn and Women’s Health
  • Early Life Determinants of Health (ELDoH): Invest Early to make a difference


Working together to promote good health and wellbeing